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Re: [IP] Thanks List!

> Well thanks to the list i was a very calm and well prepared pump
> mom. Friday Matt calls me from school and says his pump isn't
> working! I asked him what was happening, and Matt said he looked up
> the code (good boy) and it was a NO delivery!  Ok, i tell Matt it's
> ok....he's panicking, cause he just ate pizza and was worried he'd
> go sky high....so he checks his pump, and it's got 12 units......I
> tell him no problem, go to the fridge and get your insulin, take a
> shot!  He comes back, his insulin isn't there!!!!  I get his insulin
> to him , he gives himself a shot of Humalog then 2 hrs later 389 and
> another shot, and was back to normal an hour after that. Poor kid
> had to keep acknowledging the no delivery alarm every 15 mins till
> he got home! What else could i have done, to stop the no delivery
> alarm? Any suggestions?  Thanks again for making what could have
> given me a panic attack, easy to deal with! Mag

Sometimes a no delivery alarm can be from the tube being crunched by 
elastic on undies, belt, fold in the skin --- usually it only happens 
when sitting down. If the alarm clears when standing, then no big 
deal. Second, he could have disconnected his pump and used the 
standard injection syringe to withdraw insulin from the pump syringe 
by unscrewing the LEUR lock connection. Even when the syringe is 
empty, there is 10 units or so in the neck of the leur lock.

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