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Re: [IP] Re: Why I chose the D-Tron - and I, the MM

At 09:50 AM 5/29/2001 J Hughey wrote:
 >My reply to the original post was to tell the attributes *I*
 >like with MY pump. As I stated, this is a good way to start another pump war.
 >To each his own. (~_^)

The best way NOT to start a pump war is to only talk about the features of 
the pump that you have personally used. Everything else is hearsay and 
subject to misinformation. Sales people and brochures are very prone to 
exaggeration, so take anything that you've "heard" from another party with 
a few grains of salt.

All three pumps are high quality devices that do their job well. The main 
differences are based aesthetic, lifestyle and very personal preferences. 
Remember that the person operating the pump will always make much more of a 
difference than the device itself. So, there is no right or wrong answers 
and virtually everyone loves the pump they choose.

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