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Re: [IP] Seven weeks for DKA (or hours?)


At 05:35 AM 05/28/2001 , you wrote:
>I don't understand your long lead time on DKA. I find DKA an ever present
>reminder of diabeasties, just lurking in the background looking for an
>opportunity to surface and cause havoc. One night my site came out and I
>woke up at 4 AM having bad feelings, headache, the blechs and then I had a
>technicolor yawn. when I tested my ketones were .4 my meter said high and i
>went to the hospital where they told me my bg was 880. When i first got
>sick I used to skip insulin injections once in a while and I used to get
>the blechs even sooner then. So Doc, I don't understand your diabeasties, I
>guess your mileage is better than mine.  Note, do not attempt these
>maneuvers at home, crazed professional on test track. sometimes my school
>uses me to instruct students about diabetes. their comment, i didn't
>realize how quickly the liver can spill glucose into the blood stream and
>how much it can spill. I tend to think of DKA as the most unpleasant aspect
>of IDDM. I also get chest pain similar to angina and that's why I went to
>the hospital otherwise I just drink the ketones away with plenty of lemon
>flavored water.  When i was first diagnosed i guess I had diabetes for
>about 7 to 10 weeks before I had clinical evidence of DKA. I got some virus
>infection first than the diabetes came within 7 weeks but it sure takes
>less time for dka to develop Even with the pump I occasionally have a brain
>fart and forget to bolus once in a while.
>spot, t1 40 years
>A.L. Bender, M. D.
>email @ redacted

Only thing that I can think of is before diagnosis....

There was one time when I remember it taking somewhere around 10 hours (or 
less) - no it wasn't an actual diagnosis.  There was a manufacturing 
problem with my pump and I was out of insulin and didn't know it.

Was a little high when I got up and did a bolus which brought it down just 
a little.  Did a bolus for the still high plus and went to lunch and it 
went down-hill from there.....  Of course that was one of the few times 
that I left my supplies at home.  I think the self-refill diet coke was 
hooked to the wrong tank in addition to no insulin delivered for lunch...

If you have ever had the DKA vomiting you will remember it - Yes I was 
reminded twice. Took a couple of large glasses of cold water and "vegged" 
for about a half hour before I felt goo enough to drive home and quickly 
take a substantial shot of H.  I was stubborn (maybe stupid) enough to not 
go to the hospital.

Not having insulin in the body and eating can give a very quick trip to 
DKA...... Luckily there wasn't enough time for the major dehydration...

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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