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Re: [IP] Re: Why I chose the D-Tron - and I, the MM

Ahhhhh - but if one has a basal of 2.0u p/h with a MM they DO get a *squirt*
every 3 minutes. My reply to the original post was to tell the attributes *I*
like with MY pump. As I stated, this is a good way to start another pump war.
To each his own. (~_^)

> A) Plus, my 507C has the potential of 48 different basals that can be set
> for
> half-hour increments.
> Could this be because, at the most, the mm only delivers 2 times an hour as
> opposed to every three minutes?  Yes you can have a different amount for the
> second half of an hour, but we are talking insulin here.  Even Humalog
> doesn't effect everyone in the 15 mins it claims.
> B) The temporary rate can be stopped at any time. I can set it to run from
> 1/2-hr to 24 hours and if I change my mind I can interrupt it whenever I
> choose.
> The person who had the first post has a D-Tron which can dot his too.  And
> even a H-tron can be stopped at anytime.  Just turn the darn thing off.
> E) I can bolus 0.1u if I need to   D-Tron does this too.
> I say, to each his own.......pump.  Be glad we have the technology available
> to us and hope that others can get one too. No matter what brand it is.
> Sheila
> H-tron wearer
> D-tron pump trainer
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