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[IP] Starting Out

SNIP>>>>>>>From what I read on this IP list, I realize that 
everyone starts out with 
saline. When my CDE came to my house for pump training, the 
first think she 
said to me was 'Im going to start you right out on insulin since you 
such a good support group!!"  (my husband and a close friend) I've 
never had 
any horrible things go wrong, but it seems strange to me now that I 
didn't do 
the saline. Joan<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Joan, 
Not everyone starts on Saline - I started out on Humalog.   Five 
years ago.  Went to the Endo, CDE showed me how it worked, 
made me set basals, give bolus before plugging it in me, until I had 
them down pretty well.   Basically learned everything on the little 
cheat sheet given at that time.   Spent about 1.5 hours with her.  
My daughter was also with me so she could learn about it. 

Then I was sent home.  Back in three days taking my record of 
food, boluses, and BGs. Tweaked basals, took less than 1/2 hour. 

Back to CDE in three days, with records, had serious itching from 
tape, she gave me Tegaderm, and IV3000 to try.  Also got a 
Silhouette sample - as I had been given sof-set to start.   Took less 
than 1/2 hour. Went home and came back 3 months later.  One or 
two phone calls in the beginning.  She had given me all her 
numbers, from vacation house to cell phone.....fortunately didn't 
need them. 

Bonnie R.
Huntsville, AL
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