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Re: [IP] Protein and elevated BG's

>   Except when she had waffles 2 days ago, she skyrocketed into the 300s two
>hours later....Hmmmm....Likely culprit?- all the BUTTER I put in the batter
>perhaps????,,,Just a theory, but it enabled her to clearly see a definitive
>difference in not only when but WHAT she chooses to eat!
>Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)

NOt a theory.  NO questions about it.  For most this is the case.  Any
significant amt (YMMV) of protien or fat will result in increased insulin
needs after the standard four hour food digestion period.

My experience:

Protien needs to be bolused for.  In my case 1u : 100g fish flesh at the
time of the meal and then a careful eye for corrections five - eight hours
later.  in the case of many high protien meals I need to increase the basal
rate for the next 10 hours to handle the lingering protien as it is slowly
digested over a thousand years ... ...er several hours (Star Wars crept in

Fat:  No need for extra bolus but a squrare wave or dual wave bolus is
needed as a single bolus at the time of the high fat meal will redult in a
low 1-2 hours after the meal and then a high four - six hours later.

I love peanut butter and do not keep anyu in the house becasue I binge on
it.  Last night I got ultra frustrated and bought a jar (haven't had any in
a year) and ate most of it.  Bolused for all I ate and ran a increased
basal of 1.5 for the next 12 hours.  Still high but not what it would be if
no basal increase.  Lesson:  Oil / fat does slow down digetion esp when
combined with protien significantly.

Today I give away the remaining peanut butter so as to not have it ion the
house again.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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