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[IP] Re: Why I chose the D-Tron - and I, the MM

A) Plus, my 507C has the potential of 48 different basals that can be set
half-hour increments.
Could this be because, at the most, the mm only delivers 2 times an hour as
opposed to every three minutes?  Yes you can have a different amount for the
second half of an hour, but we are talking insulin here.  Even Humalog
doesn't effect everyone in the 15 mins it claims.

B) The temporary rate can be stopped at any time. I can set it to run from
1/2-hr to 24 hours and if I change my mind I can interrupt it whenever I
The person who had the first post has a D-Tron which can dot his too.  And
even a H-tron can be stopped at anytime.  Just turn the darn thing off.

E) I can bolus 0.1u if I need to   D-Tron does this too.

I say, to each his own.......pump.  Be glad we have the technology available
to us and hope that others can get one too. No matter what brand it is.

H-tron wearer
D-tron pump trainer
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