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[IP] Re: Trigger finger surgery, and a Glucometer Dex

Hi everyone--I saw a doctor on Friday for a stiff, painful finger and was 
told it was trigger finger (which was what I expected).  It was so far gone 
that he didn't think a cortisone injection would help for very long and that 
it would just come back, and that surgery would fix it quickly with a very 
small chance of it coming back.  So I went ahead and scheduled it for this 
Friday--apparently it's a quick, five-minute procedure.  I wondered if anyone 
on this list has ever had this surgery?  He told me a lot of diabetics seem 
to get this trigger finger thing.  If anyone has had this surgery and can 
tell me about it (I'm mostly concerned about recovery time, how much pain 
I'll be in after, stuff like that...I'm a wimp!) you can email me privately 
if you'd like.  I'd just like to hear about your experience with it.

I also have an unopened Glucometer Dex that I'd like to send to someone who 
needs a meter.  Does anyone on the list need one, or know of a place I could 
donate one where it would go to someone who needs it?  If you would like me 
to mail it to you, or know where I could donate it (and any other 
supplies--not that I have any right now, but if I ever have any I'm not going 
to use), please email me privately.  

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