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[IP] RE: insertion site questions

The real name is Tincture of Benzoin by Smith  & Nephew;   it is a prep 
spray.  Your pharmasist can order it for you.  Athletes termed it gorilla 
snot; they  use it as a prep to tape up injuries.  Laura's sites were always 
coming out during the summer between swimming and sweat but not with this 
stuff. We only use it during the summer.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano, New York
Mother of Laura, age 7, dxed 12/21/98
Pumping on MM508 since 1/11/00

>From: "Angie Wagoner" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: RE: insertion site questions
>Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 00:26:27 -0500
>And where can I find this "gorilla snot"? :)  This is our first summer
>pumping, and we're just finding out how swimming affects his sites.  (2
>sets yesterday!)
>Angie, mom of Rachel 8, Blake 6 (dxd 3), Braden 3, wife of Steve (dxd
>17) both pumping
>Flower Mound, TX
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>Subject: Re: insertion site questions
>We do not use a skin prep (most of the time).  It could be the tape that
>irritating her also.  By trial and error you should determine which one
>is.  Try using no prep, if she is still irritated  it may be the tape.
>determined it was the prep.
>Try some different tapes and some different preps to find out the
>mix for you.  Tegaderm HP is good for sensitive skin.  In the summer we
>"gorrilla snot" as a prep to make sure the tape does not come off in the
>water when Laura is swimming.  Otherwise we just clean the site with an
>alcohol swab before insertion.
>Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano, New York
>Mother of Laura, age 7, dxed 12/21/98
>Pumping on MM508 since 1/11/00
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