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[IP] Re: Why I chose the D-Tron - and I, the MM

Sure sounds like a good way to start another pump war. ;) Someone said their
insurance co. gave no choice. Mine did and I chose MiniMed. I had a 506 for 6
years, and have had a 507C since 3/99. I'll make my own comments.
> 1. Waterproof
Doesn't matter to me. YMMV
> 2. Design permits clear view of insulin cartridge
I have NO inconvenience seeing how much insulin I have.
> 3. Just hit menu a certain number of times to get to the correct
> function.
Just hit the SEL(ect) button a number of times to get the correct function.
> Don't have to hit up and down buttons to go through menus. I can
> even do this
> while I am driving or doing something else where I can't look at the
> pump.
> Then I just listen for tones as I perform functions.
I have several features, therefore, it doesn't bother me to look at what I am
> 4. Company founded in 1984
And this means - what? MiniMed's inception came about in 1979 and is made in
> 5. No static problems
I have heard of static problems with other pumps. I have had no S.E. problems
since using the used-once 1/3 dryer sheet in the case.
> 6. Infared port (for programming basal rates on the computer)
Sounds inconvenient to me. I can do mine in an outhouse - if any are still
around. ;)
> 7. Stepper motor
MiniMed has that reassuring click with delivery.
> 8. Designed to use pre-filled cartridges (which I am using now)
Doesn't affect me at all.
> 9. Able to detect leaks behind the rubber plunger
hmmm - don't got no leaks.
> 10. Insulin dosages every 3 minutes
I used to get a whole unit every hour or more for 9 years so this doesn't do
anything to convince me it's better. I'm getting what I need when I need it.
> 11. Continous safety checks
So does MM

A) Plus, my 507C has the potential of 48 different basals that can be set for
half-hour increments.
B) The temporary rate can be stopped at any time. I can set it to run from
1/2-hr to 24 hours and if I change my mind I can interrupt it whenever I
C) The slower delivery suits my sensitive system for lessened painful
D) There are color choices and it looks more like a beeper.
E) I can bolus 0.1u if I need to.
F) Batteries can be purchased at my local supermarket for $1.49
(Eveready/Energizer zinc oxide 357).

I post this to give a view from another pumper. MY choice is best for ME. YMMV
(Your Mileage May Vary). Don't agonize over your choice nor choose what
someone else did because it's best for THEM. It's like Fords and Chevys - to
each his own. (~_^)

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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