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Re: [IP] Protein and elevated BG's

    To add more non-scientific "proof' to the "Fat Factor", here's an 
interesting "experiment": Trial & error has shown that if Melissa eats 
waffles or cereal for breakfast, she needs to bolus when she starts eating, 
as opposed to her routine pattern of bolusing after to accomodate her slow 
eating & slow digesting.
   Last week, I made my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (yum!) & she was having 2 
slices for breakfast with a glass of milk. She bolused afterwards & it worked 
great. Hmmm...ok good old Mom obviously is nuts & there's no need to bolus 
beforehand at breakfast.....
   Except when she had waffles 2 days ago, she skyrocketed into the 300s two 
hours later....Hmmmm....Likely culprit?- all the BUTTER I put in the batter 
perhaps????,,,Just a theory, but it enabled her to clearly see a definitive 
difference in not only when but WHAT she chooses to eat!
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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