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[IP] Why I Chose the D-Tron

>Hi Carey,
>Congrats to you on your new buddy Dunkin.  I was wondering why you chose this
>brand instead of one of the others?  I am in the process of researching them
>and would appreciate any info you have. Thanks and good luck.

I chose the D-Tron because:

1. Waterproof
2. Design permits clear view of insulin cartridge
3. Just hit menu a certain number of times to get to the correct function.
Don't have to hit up and down buttons to go through menus. I can even do this
while I am driving or doing something else where I can't look at the pump.
Then I just listen for tones as I perform functions.
4. Company founded in 1984
5. No static problems
6. Infared port (for programming basal rates on the computer)
7. Stepper motor
8. Designed to use pre-filled cartridges (which I am using now)
9. Able to detect leaks behind the rubber plunger
10. Insulin dosages every 3 minutes
11. Continous safety checks

You can also do a saline trial with each of the pumps to see which one you
prefer. Whichever one you chose, make sure you check out all three and decide
which is best for you. My endo said some people spend more time picking out a
new refrigerator than an insulin pump.

One thing I really like about the pump since I started is being able to
exercise without being forced to stop and eat! I turn the pump off during my
workouts, which has worked quite well so far.

Now, if I can just keep the cat away from the tubing... :-)

Carey & Dunkin
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