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In a message dated 5/28/01 4:16:37 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> [demime 0.97c removed an attachment of type application/octet-stream which 
> had a name of YOU_are_FAT!.TXT.pif]

someone must have infected their computer and what happens is mail goes out 
like this to everyone in the address book.  if you look at the attachment 
that was stripped from the emial, you will see it was a fake txt file with a 
pif ending which is a virus!
so dont go screaming at them for sending so many mails....it's obvious by 
seeing all those in a row and the few seconds in between each message that 
they did not send it and were a victim of a trojan!
good thing the server strips the attachments.....this is not a fun thing to 
have happen to you :O(
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