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[IP] Seven weeks for DKA

My Endocrinologist said that it takes 7 weeks for a ketoacidosis case to
> send
>  >you into a coma, so I wouldn't worry about it during the night-time. 
> not
>  >on a pump yet, so I don't know exactly what yyou should do during that
>  >of a situation.

I don't understand your long lead time on DKA. I find DKA an ever present 
reminder of diabeasties, just lurking in the background looking for an 
opportunity to surface and cause havoc. One night my site came out and I 
woke up at 4 AM having bad feelings, headache, the blechs and then I had a 
technicolor yawn. when I tested my ketones were .4 my meter said high and i 
went to the hospital where they told me my bg was 880. When i first got 
sick I used to skip insulin injections once in a while and I used to get 
the blechs even sooner then. So Doc, I don't understand your diabeasties, I 
guess your mileage is better than mine.  Note, do not attempt these 
maneuvers at home, crazed professional on test track. sometimes my school 
uses me to instruct students about diabetes. their comment, i didn't 
realize how quickly the liver can spill glucose into the blood stream and 
how much it can spill. I tend to think of DKA as the most unpleasant aspect 
of IDDM. I also get chest pain similar to angina and that's why I went to 
the hospital otherwise I just drink the ketones away with plenty of lemon 
flavored water.  When i was first diagnosed i guess I had diabetes for 
about 7 to 10 weeks before I had clinical evidence of DKA. I got some virus 
infection first than the diabetes came within 7 weeks but it sure takes 
less time for dka to develop Even with the pump I occasionally have a brain 
fart and forget to bolus once in a while.

spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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