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[IP] Re: Delayed bolus feature

(I) J Hughey wrote:
>> Isn't it interesting that my antiquated pump I used from '83-'92 had that
very feature. I used it every supper bolus. The pump had one basal setting but
a temporary override that gave an addition to the basal for 1/2-hr.
increments. >>

Natalie Ducks responded with:
>>>Mmmm, not quite what I was thinking. I'd like to be able to give 4 or 5
units in a lump 2 hours after a meal. That would give me a peak 4 hours after
the meal, which is about what I need for protein/fat. So when I bolus for a
meal, I would like to be able to program an immediate bolus for the carbs and
a delayed bolus for the protein/fat. As it stands, I
have to REMEMBER to give the second bolus at the right time, and this is
difficult for ducks who have only a limited number of functioning brain

Well, the snip of my post above is actually 2 different features. The delayed
bolus was set to give the other amount at whatever duration I set it
(programmed in the minutes, like 240, etc.) to shoot it in. The ONE basal
feature was a completely different ball of wax. That pump seems to be so out
of date with the one basal feature, but it did allow the breakup of a bolus by
delaying the other half. If it could be done back then, it could be done
again. Ducky, huh? ;)  (~_^)

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