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Re: [IP] 24900 Club

On 28 May 2001, at 11:22, Patrick G. Jobe wrote:

> Just out of idle curiosity why is the 24,900 Injections Club called
> the 24,900 club rather than the 25,000 club or some other number?
> ----------------------------------------------------------

The "Club" originated in mid 1998 as the "Over 21,900 Injections 
Club" by Paula Berketo.  Paula had been on MDI for some time 
and originally calculated the 21,900, later revised to 24,900 
injections.  The specific number is not really important as many of 
us were on a one a day before DCCT became announced and 
before MDI was recognized widely as the preferred treatment.  The 
"24,900 Club" is for anyone with a longer (15 years plus) history of 
dealing with this "wonderful affection"    -~ " ( "Diabetes is a 
wonderful affection, not very frequent among men..."  Aretaeus the 
Cappadocain, A.D. 81-138)    ~~ thanks to Randall Winchester for 
that citation ~~

Some of the members of the list only had 2 years of injections 
before beginning Pumping.  Some have been pumping for well over 
20 years.  Some have been diabetic for over 50 years and haven't 
begun pumping yet.  Our most experienced member with diabetes 
has 62 years of Diabetes in her 63.5 years of life.  Our most 
experienced pumper just completed his 25 year on the pump.  This 
is a most interesting Club, not only for joining, but seeing the 
history of us all.


George Lovelace < email @ redacted >
Dxed June, 1964; "Reborn" Pumping 8/13/98
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