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[IP] Glucose Meters and software

I have used the AccuChek Complete and Advantage, the software for both
and I'm currently using the Glucometer Elite Xl and software.

I thought I would never give up my Advantage but I didn't get what I
wanted out of the software - it was okay, and some people probably love
it but I had already downloaded the Glucometer Elite software for free
from that site, tried it by manually entering date and found the reports
similar to what I was getting from the spreadsheet I had created. I
really liked the software so I tried the meters it worked with (got the
Dex and a couple Elite XL's for free). I didn't care for the Dex because
I found it more of a hassle to change the strip-thing every ten tests
than to automatically use a new strip every test. I found the Elite XL
(the Elite can not download info, the Elite XL can) much smaller than
the Advantage - a real plus when you have to take it everywhere with
you. It took a while to get used to the lancet device that fit in the
case mainly because I was used to a deeper puncture needed to obtain
more blood for the Advantage or Complete meters. Once I realized I was
getting plenty of blood with the shallower puncture and developed a new
"habit" things were great. My CDE did get the required cable for me so
there was no expense involved there either.

I also got the Advantage and the Complete meters and software free but
as stated earlier, just didn't care for the printed reports they
provided. While the Complete does store a lot of information, I wish the
software was more able to take advantage of it. I had really hoped that
it would have done something to provide an insulin/carb ratio with all
that insulin bolus and carb information I was inputting.

The meters and software all people who prefer them over others (and then
there are those of us to have to work with what our insurance companies
will cover). Call or email the Roche (for the Advantage and Complete)
and Bayer (for the Dex and Elite XL), get some free meters with strips
and try them. When you decide on one you like then go for the software.
I got software with cables free from Roche, downloaded software free
from Bayer, but couldn't get the necessary cable free from Bayer -
that's where having a good CDE really helped me, she was able to get
this from a sales rep. Boy, this is a long message. If you have any
questions, feel free to email me privately. I get the digest so I don't
read the messages as dedicatedly as I used to.
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