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[IP] Help! Need an adhesive that works!

Hi everyone.  We really need some help here.  My 6 year old has been pumping 
almost a year now.  We live in Houston and boy is it humid and hot.  She 
loses sites daily, a sometimes twice a day, due to sweat, heat, humidity and 
swimming (and all the other activities a 6 yr old does). 
She is on an H-Tron.  Our normal regiment is IV prep, a sof-set, and IV3000.
We have tried:  Mastisol, Tegaderm, TegadermHP,  Benzoin Tincture, Hypa-fix, 
tape on bottom layer of site, etc. etc.
Nothing seems to work well.  We are having to change sites daily, sometimes 
twice a day.  Poor kid.  We do use ella-max to deaden the skin, but it is 
cleaned off with alcohol.  
The most recent thing we have tried is the Benzoin, but I am unsure of how to 
use it so I could use advise on that also.  
Please e-mail me direct:  email @ redacted
Thanks...It could sure save us if someone has any ideas 'cause we are fresh 
out, as is our CDE and the wonderful people at PSA.
Lisa Schield
mom to Miranda and Mrs. Pumpers, better known as "Blue Miracle 
Waterproof"(hmmmm, I think she should change that one now!!!)
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