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Re: [IP] update on same day surgery and pump stuff

In a message dated 5/27/01 1:23:24 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> This is more evidence of the problem I encountered last July. In some
> (many?) communities the anestheologists try to remain anonymous until
> the last minute before any particular surgery, and this works against
> us pumpers who NEED contact with THEIR anesthesiologist to establish
> an understanding that the pump will be handled in a way that is
> acceptable to the patient, the patient's endo, the anesthesiologist,
> and the surgeon. Unless we fight for acceptance of pumps by all
> anesthesiologists we are going to have to deal with what Faith had to
> deal with. Fortunately for her, someone brought in another anes.
> And Faith, I hope your surgery will be (was?) successful.

Thanks for the well wishes Tom, my surgery is on Tuesday coming up.  At my 
hospital, can only go to one with the way insurance is set up here, has 
pre-admission set up so that the anes. drs are there and take turns talking 
to the patients.  A flag is put up on your door when you're ready in the 
process to talk.  After the nurse had found the paperwork on pump protocol I 
had talked about she put the flag back up and the lady anes. dr came in.  I 
was just lucky it wasn't the same dr I saw the first time.  They told me that 
the anes. dr's don't find out which surgeries they will be working until the 
night before the surgery so it could be anyone in their group including the 
nice lady dr or the guy dr with the poor attitude, no way to tell ahead of 
She did write the orders the way I wanted them written on my chart so I will 
see if on Tuesday morning things are done with the pump the way they should 
be.  I agree that for diabetics with pumps it would be a help to be able to 
talk to the exact anes. dr you will have ahead of time.  Usually you don't 
get to talk to the dr for this before the surgery and I explained to the lady 
dr why that was important, so I could explain how the pump worked to the 
anes. dr who was actually going to do it.  She agreed with me and that is why 
she wrote the order for me not to get anything to make me woozy until I had 
the opportunity to talk with the anes. dr.
Since I am the first pumper to go thru with the pumper protocol in place 
maybe with more of us they will begin to see the need for a change.  
I definately believe that any pumper going for surgery needs to pro-active 
and do their homework so they can ask the right questions and get what they 
want for themselves.  
Thanks again to this list because I would have had no clue that I needed to 
ask questions let alone what I needed to ask.
OH and btw, when asked what insulin I used I said Humalog.  The nurse taking 
down the info said you mean humulin.  I said no, Humulin can be U or R or N 
this is different, a faster acting insulin called Humalog.  She'd never heard 
of it.  The anes. dr also corrected me when I said Humalog, repeating 
Humulin.  I explained to her.  BUT when she was finishing her talk she talked 
about Regular in the pump and how long it would take it to work.  Good grief. 
  Neither one of them could get it thru their heads that there is another 
insulin that they've never heard of.  But they were both nice and listened 
carefully to everything else.  sigh.....
Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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