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RE: [IP] Glucose meters and software

We use the Accu Chek Complete meters.  I 
like that it has a large memory and can store over 300 plus bs values.  
This is great in that I do not write everything down when I test bs levels, but 
go back to the memory and log it on paper at a later time.  I also like 
that I can just click in insulin dosage/carb count/exercise et.  It also 
has the features of graphing and giving averages/trends.  You can even 
check it for the life of the battery.  We use the comfort curve strips and 
it sucks up the blood quickly.  I haven't purchased the soft ware yet, but 
understand they just came out with a newer version called The Compass.  I'm 
looking into purchasing this in the near future.  Also this is a meter that 
both of our endos recommend using.  My endo has advised me against using 
the Dex meter, stating they have not found it to be reliable in bs readings in 
comparison to their office testings of bs levels.  I don't know about the 
Dex meter, but Accu Chek does have a web page.  You might try looking both 
of these meters on on the Internet.  I think the one address is:  www.accu-chek.com 

Is it possible your physician has these meters 
in his office and maybe you can try them both out before making any 
decisions.  Also I do not know what pump you are using but seems like I 
just recently received a news letter from Disetronics stating that if you write 
them before a certain date they will send you a Dex meter for free.  Also 
we received our accu-chek meters at no charge by calling and asking.  I let 
them know we use about 600 strips on a monthly basis, and they sent them 
out.  Prior to the Accu Chek I used the One Touch meter.  

Marla Anne, dx 4/67, pumping 1996, 

Mom to Seth, 3 years old, dx 11/99

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Subject: [IP] Glucose meters and 

My prescription drug plan changes in July and I get the best advantage 

test strips for the following meters:

    Accu-check Advantage/Complete

    Glucometer Dex or Elite/Elite XL


If anyone has comments on likes/dislikes of any of these, I'd sure

appreciate them.  Also for the ones that have the download 
software, is it

worth it and is it difficult to use?


Thanks for your input.  Gilda


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