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[IP] Delayed bolus feature

Ms. Ducks wrote:
> The second is to give a second bolus 2 hours after the meal. That works
> very well for me, but the problem is remembering to give the delayed
> bolus -- I get so involved in other things that I forget. That's why I'd
> love to have a pump with a delayed bolus feature!  (Minimed, you
> listening??)

Isn't it interesting that my antiquated pump I used from '83-'92 had that very
feature. I used it every supper bolus. The pump had one basal setting but a
temporary override that gave an addition to the basal for 1/2-hr. increments.
It also had one bolus recall with no clock to read when it was. These features
remind me of the old Cyclops car that had a middle headlight that turned with
the steering wheel. No more. This is progress. (~_^)

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