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Re: [IP] Restless night- - now Ketones!!

In a message dated 5/27/01 6:05:03 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<<  Last night I tried just laying my pump
 beside me in bed and that was a big mistake!! I woke up this mornig with 
 the tubing wrapped around my waist twice and my infusion set was pulled
 out!! Unortunately today was my day to sleep in so by the time I woke up I
 had been a long time without insulin and my BS was 20 (thats high.. I dont
 use the same scale as most of you.) and I have moderate Ketones for the
 first time in my 8 years of being diabetic. So my question is what do you
 do to treat ketones?? I am sure I was taught once but never really needed
 to know then.. I am sure I will listen more closely next time. But for now
 some advice would be great.. so far I am just bolusing a little at a time,
 hoping for improvement but not going down at all yet.....
You should give an injection of Humalog to bring down your blood sugar and 
change the site!  Just figure out what your correction should be for your 
high sugar and inject that amount.  Drink lots of fluids too!  You should see 
a change in your sugar in 3 hours at the most, at least that has been our 
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