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RE: [IP] Thanks List!

Hello Mag.  Since he was not getting any 
insulin through the pump, could you have had him disconnect and leave it in the 
nurse's office, or have taken it back home with you?  Trouble shooting the 
pump to find out why the "no delivery" is beeping is another option and in my 
opinion the first one to explore.  You didn't mention what type of pump he 
is using.  I have the Disetronics H-Tron, and the only way to silence an 
occlusion alarm is to fix the problem.  If I can't fix it immediately, the 
only way to silence the alarm is to remove the batteries.  I sometimes need 
the handbook to walk me through all of the steps.  Does your son have a 
handbook he can refer to for trouble shooting, and if so does he have a copy of 
it at school?  Sounds like it all worked out with the injections and 
frequent bs checks.  I know my pump has done this once or twice and the 
problem was due to static electricity.  The pump functioned normally after 
an hour or two.

Marla Anne, dx 4/67, pumping 1996

Mom to Seth, 3 years old, dx 11/99

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Subject: [IP] Thanks List!

Well thanks to the list i was a very calm and well prepared pump mom. 

Matt calls me from school and says his pump isn't working! I asked him 

was happening, and Matt said he looked up the code (good boy) and it was a 

delivery!  Ok, i tell Matt it's ok....he's panicking, cause he 
just ate pizza

and was worried he'd go sky high....so he checks his pump, and it's got 

units......I tell him no problem, go to the fridge and get your insulin, 

a shot!  He comes back, his insulin isn't there!!!!  I 
get his insulin to him

, he gives himself a shot of Humalog then 2 hrs later 389 and another 

and was back to normal an hour after that. Poor kid had to keep 

the no delivery alarm every 15 mins till he got home! What else could i 

done, to stop the no delivery alarm? Any suggestions?  Thanks 
again for making

what could have given me a panic attack, easy to deal with!



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