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Re: [IP] Thanks List!

    This is SUCH a powerful post for me because it underscores perfectly why 
I continue to do whatever I can to empower & educate parents. Consider the 
alternative scenario if you were ill-equipped to cope & were relying upon 
your endo's office "getting back to you". Not only that, but I also find that 
the calmer I can be with Melissa, the better SHE deals with these inevitable 
"detours", as we journey along in Diabetesland. So kudos to YOU & kudos to 
Matt for letting good old Mom resolve the situation & teach him that he has 
the wherewithal & resources to deal with diabetes' unpredictability. It's 
fooldhardy and naive to think that these situations won't arise, be it with 
toddler pumpers or senior citizen pumpers - but KNOWLEDGE, awareness, IP 
input, lots of anecdotal "ammunition" and just plain remembering to BREATHE 
go a long way in getting one back on track.
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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