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Re: [IP] Protein and elevated BG's

Peter wrote:
> I read in my carbs counter book that a meal high in protein can increase
> your blood sugar.  Has anyone had this happen to them?
> I had a terrific 2 hour post meal bg (129 mg/dl) and 2 hours later (4 hours
> total post meal), by blood sugar shot up to over 300 with no explanation.
> The only logical explanation was the two large hamburgers I had as part of
> the meal.  Could the fat, and protein have inhibited the carbs until 4
> hours after the meal?
> If any one experiences this, what guide do you use to predict / bolus for this?

I definitely have the same pattern. There are 2 ways I deal with it. 

The first is to set up a temporary basal for 4 hours, and size it
according to how much I've eaten -- i.e. a large amount of protein/fat
might take as much as 3 units per hour. The risk here is going low
before the protein kicks in. 

The second is to give a second bolus 2 hours after the meal. That works
very well for me, but the problem is remembering to give the delayed
bolus -- I get so involved in other things that I forget. That's why I'd
love to have a pump with a delayed bolus feature!  (Minimed, you
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