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[IP] Merck-Medco...new policy for shipping humalog?? (maybe not!)

On Fri, 25 May 2001 Yerachml <email @ redacted> (hey that's me!)

>Then he stopped, apologized and told me that since it was Humalog it was
>being shipped from New Hampshire and would be sent overnight with a special
>frozen gel pack (this is a new policy for shipping humalog).

Well, I got it on Friday when I came home from work.  It was sitting on a
counter in the kitchen in it's two day UPS box (along with some other drugs
that I mail ordered) and NOT IN ANY KIND of refridgeration.

Being that it was already after 5PM (and getting real late for me  as it was
Friday afternoon) I just put them all into the fridge and figured I'd figure
out what to do on Sunday.

Well, the pregnasone has increased my insulin needs TREMENDOUSLY and I had
my first sight fall out in months and another a few hours later and so I
broke open one of the new bottles.

With LOTS of insulin I've finally gotten 'down' to 170 but I can't really
tell if it's the pregnasone or the insulin that's requiring a basal rate
FOUR OR FIVE TIMES my normal rate to achieve this!


Who is frustrated beyond all else right now and praying that all will be OK
tonight (of course what am I doing up at 6AM anyway?)
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