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[IP] FW: Merck-Medco not so new shipment policy

On that wonderful new way Merck-Medco is shipping insulin:

I got the insulin Friday afternoon in a standard TWO DAY UPS box (with a
bunch of other medication in it as well).  It was stored in a stryo case (to
prevent breakage of the 12 bottles) but was in no way protected for

I am currently using one of these bottles and due to the pregnasone I can't
really tell if it's working 'correctly' (although I am running  a really
incredible basal rate and still I'm floating in the 170s)  (And I had two
fallouts today as well as a bunch of other high sugars but this before I
switched to new stuff, so....)

All I can say is that it hasn't been too hot the last few days here (due to
wet weather) but who knows what this insulin has gone through in it's trip.

I guess I get to call Merck-medco next week and see what to do next

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