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[IP] RE: Bolus for Alcohol

>Hi, i was wondering if i drink a glass of white zinfendel wine or
>any other
>wine, what do i bolus for? i heard that you are not suppose to bolus for
>alocohol, is this true? i only have a glass once in awhile. thanks for any
>help on this topic. take care. sincerely Eileen pumping 3 months.

Alcohol is in a class all by itself.  It has 7 1/2 calories per gram but
there is no CHO in dry wine. Alcohol itself is processed like fat.  Alcohol
will not directly alter your bg but it will inhibit your liver from
correcting a low, hence the advice to always eat when drinking alcohol.
When the liver has to deal with alcohol it does little of anything else so
if your bg is on the way down it will continue unchecked.  If your eating
CHO the liver will not bother processing the CHO to convert it to glycogen
so your bg will rise faster.  I only drink dry red, and occasionally dry
white, so I cannot speak about white zinfandel (which may have small amounts
of CHO) but I never bolus for wine.  It is important to be aware that your
liver is effectively out of commission while there is circulating alcohol
and therefore you need to be wary of having a low bg for a while.  It's
trial and error, but to be on the safe side I would rather not bolus for
wine and then make any necessary correction, if necessary, later.  It's
funny the subject came up.  I just arrived home from a wedding where I had 6
glasses of wine  over a period of 5 hours (the bride & groom are fellow wine
lovers).  I did not bolus for them.  My bg was 76 going in and 75 when I
left but I ate some crackers w/peanut butter because I felt I should have
been higher and would probably be heading south.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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