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[IP] pump problems

Hello to the list,  Well we finally received our blue mini med pump 
yesterday.  However we will not be able to start therapy until July 30th, 
due to the M.D. office only doing 3 starts a month due to the labor 
intensive nature of a pump start.
So last night I started doing the tutorial with the pump video, and when I 
was done I took the batteries out of the pump to conserve.  This AM I tried 
to play with the pump again and it would not work, the screen was blank, 
called mini med they said I "shocked it" and to take the batteries out and 
let it sit 4-6 hours, I did, put new batteries in same thing, called mini 
med and the had me wipe the battery connections with alcohol, still no luck, 
and they will send me a new pump on Tuesday!!
Can you beleive it one day with the pump and I have already broke it?!!!  
Has anyone ever had this problem?

To all of you going back to school for nursing congrats!!  There is such a 
nursing shortage and it is predicted to only get worse.  I am currently an 
RN, and am returning to school to obtain a Masters and become an N.P. and 
CDE.  It will be a long road but well worth it I think.
However if my handling of this pump is any indication I am doomed!

By the way my daughter who turned 6 May 1st,  wanted to try the silhouette 
insertion after I inserted one in my self and my husband.  She is now 
asleep, with the cannula in tubing and the DEAD pump attached she cannot 
wait to start the pump and wanted to practice sleeping with the pump for 
July.  She thought the insertion was a breeze compared to 3 daily shots.

Jeanine Mom to Abigail dx 6-23-00 and Christopher 6 year old twins.
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