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[IP] Re: Bolus for Alcohol

In a message dated 5/26/01 10:02:13 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Hi, i was wondering if i drink a glass of white zinfendel wine or any other
>wine, what do i bolus for? i heard that you are not suppose to bolus for
>alocohol, is this true? i only have a glass once in awhile. thanks for
>help on this topic. take care. sincerely Eileen pumping 3 months. p.s i
>you can go low by drinking sometimes, but again i am talking one glass.
>thanks, take care everyone! thanks for all the support.

According to what I have read, a glass of white wine has 1g carb. If you 
drink it without food, I wouldn't bolus. If you drink it with food, I would 
bolus for the food. 1g or 2g isn't enough to worry about. Beer and sweet 
drinks have more carbs.

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