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[IP] Cool pump case and email question

HI Everyone...I've been following along, although this is my only quiet time 
in weeks to respond...
First of all- I live in Massachusetts and recently found out from my doc that 
a law was passed (perhaps only in harvard pilgrim) that patients and doctors 
may not discuss anything involving the patients care via email///This is 
pretty fricken aggrevating as I am used to emailing glucose levels etc.... 
Has anyone else run into this?  My personal feeling is that although I am 
pumping and am so serious about controlling this disease I feel cut off at 
the knees by this decision...It wasn't my docs instigation-as she is 
rediculously busy at 3 or 4 clinics, and finds as well that email is a great 
tool in helping to make controlling this disease more practical...just 
wondering if any one else has experienced this...
#2 I just went to target and found a cool "small universal " cell phone 
holder with clip for $10. that fitsmy htron beautifully and looks awesome 
(mockadile-aka fake croc.)
anyways. hope everyone is well...
email @ redacted
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