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Re: [IP] How Many People Are on the Pump

> Hi Everyone, how many people are on the pump. i am just curious. i
> have been pumping since march 2001. hated it at first, had alot of
> problems of highs, for some reason i get dka and get sick instantly
> my cde said i am a different kind of bird, i think i get sick so
> fast becuz i have alot of stomach acid, i take prevacid for which is
> great, so maybe the acid from dka affects me more. but now i use the
> great quicksets no more sils for me. my insurance has covered all so
> far, lucky me. and i had no problem getting the quicksets either.
> thanks Eye

In round numbers around 200,000 worldwide. There are about equal 
numbers in Europe and the United States with a smaller number 
scattered amongst other countries. I'd guess under 20-50k overall. 
The more modern the medical care system, the more pumpers.

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