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[IP] Combining two parts into a whole...(semi-long)

On Thu, 24 May 2001 20:42:44 -0700 Kenneth E Guilbault wrote:
(Edited for brevity)
> Subject: MiniMed's Continuous Glucose Monitor

> I recently visited my Endo and told her I would be very interested in
> wearing that subcutaneous glucose monitor that MiniMed markets.....

> Thanks in advance,

> Ken Guilbault

(My apologies in advance if this has already been brought up.  I just
found / joined this list last week while looking for info on getting started
on pumps.)

Hi everyone,

I too have visited MiniMed's website & looked at the Continuous Monitor
while looking at info on the MM 508 pump.

Being a chronic homebrewer (no not beer, electronics), and since I work
for a living as R&D lab tech building microprocessor controlled circuits
using PIC's & other types of single chip industrial micro CPU's &
controllers, I know the technology is there in concept to do this.
I would think the technology side of combining the monitor w/ a pump
into one unit would be very do-able & a godsend. ( Though I'm sure the
FDA would take a zillion years to approve of such a device.)

Think about the general concepts in layman's terms for a minute:

The monitor side of the system would watch the glucose level & would
adjust the pump rate / dosage of insulin on a user defined sliding
scale,  testing a couple of times an hour.  If by chance the BG's
got below a user adjustable set point for X # of minutes, it would
stop the dosage & a warning alarm would be set off to let the user
know to get some calories NOW.  (Or in my case the alarm would
have to be real subtle... like a 2x4 over the head, or maybe a cattle-
prod to wake me up & get my attention when I sleep at night!!)

I know many folks should not turn their lives over to a machine & "forget"
about their diabetes. You would still have to be involved in maintenance
& monitoring your over all well being & control.

But I would think that such a combo would be more responsive & help keep
their  BG's in a tighter range, & act more like a normal pancreas.

>From the MM website both halves of the equation are there in existence for
(monitor & pump) Why not marry them into one device & help automate the

This is assuming that the MM BG monitor is real accurate 100% of the time
as to not to fool the pump into thinking some one's BG level is 180 when it
is in reality only 60 & giving the wrong dosage.

(Don't think I'm picking on MiniMed. I'm sure their products are 110% above
board. I'm just saying that the monitor needs to be 100% right 100% of the

  I get the feeling from the list that many of you like MM products. Which
confirms what I've seen from their website & what my CDE has said. I am very
excited about the MM 508 & am working w/ my CDE (who is wonderful) &
my Endo (who is a real turkey& has a non-existent "bed side manor".) to get
a MM 508 soon.

The only down side I can see is further R&D & FDA testing costs.
 Hmm  That alone might shoot the idea down. R&D / beta testing ain't cheap.

But I'd be the 1st to sign up as a beta tester if MiniMed did!!


Dave Willey
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