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[IP] update on same day surgery and pump stuff

First of all thank you to all of you who wrote with such good advice.
I'm going to make a list of it all tonight to look at together.  I called my 
CDE's office and they told me there was a directive for pump users during 
surgery and to tell the anes. dr about it.  I also called my endo and got her 
advice, keep it on, drink 7up for lows and have anes. dr call if questions.  
I went to my preadmission thing yesterday.  Everything went fine til the 
anes. dr walked in.  I told him what i'd been told and he told me there was 
no such prodical for pumps and surgery.  I told him the diabetes center told 
me there was.  He made out like i was ignorant and didn't know what i was 
talking about.  Wasn't happy with the advice from my endo either.  Told me to 
lower all my basals to the lowest setting if i wanted to keep the pump on and 
that was it.  He left.  I was upset.
The nurse doing the workup called the diabetes floor and they sent down the 
pump directive!  She believed me and i was right!  :)
I hate getting bad attitudes from drs.  Another anes.  dr came in and and she 
(a lady dr, yea!  i have had much better luck with them) and she gave me 
great advice that was what i had been told by my endo and the diabetes 
center.  She asked to see my pump and i gave her and the nurse a short course 
in how the d-tron works.  She said that she believed that diabetics knew 
better how their diabetes worked and how to treat it because they live with 
it everyday.  She also wrote an order that i wasn't to be given any sedative 
til i'd talked to the anes. dr assigned the day of surgery so that i could 
show him how the pump worked.  WOW  what a difference in dr attitude.
So as far as lows the night i am NPO i take 7up or apple juice for lows up 
til 4 hrs before surgery time and after that go in early if i'm low to go on 
an iv to handle it.  I'm not supposed to bolus for highs that night so i 
avoid being low.
thanks again for all the great knowledge shared here.
I feel much better about the whole thing.
The nurse working up my preadmission said that i was knowledgable in the 
questions i had to ask and hanging on for what i believed i needed and that i 
was cutting edge!  They hadn't had a pump person go thru with same day 
surgery before me  :)
Isn't it amazing how little medical people outside the diabetes field know 
about diabetes and pumping??

Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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