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Re: [IP] RE: M.D.I. question

> Interesting question about support.

Concerning the training issue for MDI vs. pumping. When I was first dxed -
36 years ago - my parents and I did get training and support from a number
of people  and groups. However!!! It was not directed toward what is now
considered the best practices and I have not keep up with the training as
the practices changed over the years. There are at least two reason why I
did not keep up with the training.

The first is that the changes in best practices have been incremental and
rather small:

- Humalin is better than animal derived insulin - but, you use it the same
- Ultra-Lente has a different profile than NPH - but, only minor changes are
- Carb counting is more flexible than diet exchanges - but you still count.
- Humalog is faster acting than regular - but you still take it several
- BG testing is improved - but it still requires blood.
- etc. etc. etc.....

The second reason for falling behind in the training was my attitude. After
10 - 15 years -  "I know what I am doing and I don't want to hear more about
it ... "

The point I am leading to is that I needed a real serious change in
treatment therapy (like the pump) before I could get serious about training
and derive any benefits from it.
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