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[IP] I'm a new pumper, too.

Hey.....I've had my pump for 3 whole days ! !  My educator, too, started me 
on saline to get me use to everything.  I start Thursday on insulin.  I can't 
wait.......Everyone says you'll feel better.  (Guess I didn't realize I have 
been feeling "bad" for 14 years. )  I changed my infusion set for the 1st 
time by myself last night and I must admit, I was a bit nervous.  At the 
doc's office, the educator was right there with me to make sure I primed and 
got rid of all air bubbles.  (Bubbles are going to be a pain, I think.)  It 
took me awhile on my own especially with a husband and a daughter watching 
but I DID IT   ! ! !   I'm using MiniMed 508 with the quickset infusion and 
the hardest part is getting the old tape off so I could get the old set out.  

Take care and keep me posted.  Sounds like we are traveling down a similar 
road.  I ,too, am on 5 shots a day.  Kinda weird.......Bolusing with saline 
and continuing with the injections.....

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