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[IP] Need Help RE: Mastisol and QuickSets

Katie's just finished the first 24 hours of her saline trial and things are 
going well . . . I was amazed how quickly she picked up all the aspects of 
pump operation, even the advanced stuff.  

One minor problem that has come up is how much the QuickSet's adhesive tape 
is peeling up already.  If she'd have been pumping insulin, I probably would 
have changed her set last night after 24 hours for fear that her cannula 
would be dislodged during the night.  We're going to do the set change later 
today and have decided to try using Mastisol this time around since Katie 
would prefer not to have a big patch of tegaderm on her belly if a little 
Mastisol will do the job.  

MY QUESTION:   Should we put the Mastisol on her skin in a circle around 
where the tape from the set will be, OR  should I apply the Mastisol directly 
to the set's adhesive tape around the edges of the circle???  

I know you experts out there will have some advice for us!
Thanks a BUNCH!

A salty pump mama for a whole 24+ hours  8-)
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