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I have been reading the posts with interest because I am trying to 
get pregnant and the hubby and I are about to start the process for 
in-vitro fertilization this month. I had to go through the mill with 
specialist to get medical releases so that I could start this. 

Along the way I have been to the maternal fetal specialist that will 
be on the team when I do get pregnant. They were very thrilled that 
I have been able to stay between 60-100 for several months while 
trying to get pregnant. My bs are under 120 2 hours after meals. It 
was explained to be the reasoning for this goal was that is where 
they have found a non diabetic's bs are. We all know how hard this 
is to achieve. It took a couple of week's for my body to adjust to 
these lower bs but now I feel fine with them in this range and feel 
like crap if they go above 200 and start spilling ketones if they 
above 225 for several hours. 

Talking to the endo today, he thought it was great and that we will 
do our best to keep them there throughout the pregnancy when we 
get there. People have already gone through the risks of having 
them run higher and that there are many children born with no 
problems when the bs do run higher through a pregnancy. 

Personally, I will try to keep them low, working at it one day at a 
time. I want to do everything in my power to have a healthy child. I 
too think you are doing a terrific job. But listen to the docs about 
trying to keep them a little lower to match the non-diabetic mom to 
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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