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: Re: [IP] Vaccines

> Ya know...Diabetes or no diabetes...I'm glad I don't have to worry about
> being in an iron lung from polio or contracting any of a number of other
> diseases that ARE prevented by vaccines...As always, personal decision, but
> ya got diabetes now, so do the best you can to control it and deal with it
> and don't blame the doctors who have tried to save children from other life
> threatening illnesses...I'm really sorry if I've offended anyone...but I'm
> just a little frustrated with the blame attitude...

Let's see ... Someone has had a miscarriage so we should say; deal with it and
try for another one. Or: Your ______ died; deal with it, we all die. On and
on. Some people don't recognize the word Compassion? (I just came to cheer you
up!) IF there are some causes to be found isn't it best to avoid those causes
to lessen future *victims*? It's also funny that in my half-century of this
and dealing with scores of medical personnel, I've had some of them say to me:
"Of all the diseases there are, I wouldn't want diabetes."  That has been said
to me as though I had a choice in the sickness selection. These are people who
have worked directly with ALL kinds of diseases. Iron lungs haven't been used
for a long time. I was in an oxygen tent when dx'd - now they use masks and
tubes in the nose.

Different people are suited to different professions. Some people aren't meant
to be comforters - and I don't mean across a bed. ;)  Two flames put each
other out. ~;)

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