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Re: [IP] early diagnosis/

I went in to the doctor because, while we were in Hawaii, I started getting
up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the bathroom, and being
really thirsty.  This continued after we got home, then, after driving home
from Portland (1 1/2 hours) and not being able to make it without stopping,
I decided to make an appointment.  My Dad has had diabetes since before I
was born, so I was kind of aware of what could happen and what the symptoms
were.  After going through the symptoms with the Nurse Practicioner, and
noticing that I had lost about 10 pounds (which she attributed to
differences in the scales), she said that I probably did not have anything
to worry about, but ran a urine sample anyway.  When I was waiting, she came
up to me and said, "You look pretty good for someone walking around with
type 2 diabetes."  She then did a finger prick test, around 400, drew blood
for more tests, prescribed me a glucometer and oral meds, and signed me up
for diabetes education, for type 2's.  Anyway, I was on Glucotrol XL and
Glucophage for awhile, then my Endo and CDE began to question my type 2
status.  So, I was taken off of the Glucotrol, and my sugars stayed high,
and I lost a lot of weight fast, then my doctor called me at home on a
Saturday, after I had emailed him my sugars, and told me to make an
appointment as soon as possible the next week, to start on insulin.
So, that;s my story.  Diagnosed type 2 10/99, diagnosed type 1 1/00, started
pumping 9/00.
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