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All during my pregnancy (my daughter is now 2) my bloodugars were never in 
the 60-90 range.  I cannot function with a sugar less than 100 - I get light 
and fuzzy headed.  Mine ran between 100 and 150 all thru my pregnancy and I 
only delivered 2 weeks before my due date and my daughter is just fine (my 
prefnancy was pre-pump but MANY injections thru out the day).  She had no 
problems after she was born and is my little angel.  I worry about her 
becoming diabetic later in life because I was told is is supposed to skip a 
generation therefore meaning either she will have it or her children will 
because my mom is also a T1 diabetic and I was diagnosed at age 13.  There 
are no problems in my husband's family so we are thankful for that.  Jordynn 
weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz. so I am thankful she was a few weeks early 
otherwise she would have been over 10 pounds.

Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck with your numbers.
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