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STRESS is not a friend. She is try sooooo darn hard and being "Good" only to
get 'shut down'.  SOME just feel that she is doing well comparatively to
others and should be PROUD of herself.

What happened to you may NOT happen to her, but I do know stress isn't good in
any case. Your Miliage WILL Vary.

Jenny Sutherland
  I guess I am very confused as to why so many of you tell her to
  forget her docs comments and keep up the good work.   Yes, blood sugars
  under 125 are great.  BUT... I am a type 1 mom of two kids who I pumped
  throughout my pregnancies with and my docs goals were 60-90 for me.  It is
  sooooo important you stay under 100.  You have much less chance of preterm
  labor that way.  I was under 130 the whole time and my pregnancies were
  great until the 30 wk point. At that point I ended up in the hospital for 4
  wks muscle relaxers to ease up the contractions.  Both my kids were early
  and had to be in the NICU because of this.  They say I was dehydrated
  because my sugars were over 100.  Even tho they were still under 130.  My
  A1c's were only 6.4.  I know when you feel you are doing your best with
  sugars its hard for a doc to come down on you...but listen to them.  They
  are doing the best for your baby.  And that is all that is important.
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