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Re: [IP] Summer Heat


I live in the California desert with most days between June and September 
being above 100 degrees.  I have never had any problem and I spend a lot of 
time outside.  My doctor said he has had some problem with pump patients in 
Palm Springs that play a lot of golf during the summer.  I never put more 
than three days worth of insulin in the pump during the summer.  Hope this 

Tnx, Corky

At 04:58 PM 5/25/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I<< Do not worry about pumping outdoors in winter.  The pump and tubing are
>  close to your body so the insulin will not freeze.  I run outdoors during
>  the winter (in Canada) and have never had a problem.  I wear my pump on my
>  belt.  The tubing is against my body all the time so the insulin doesn't
>  freeze.  Now, freezing of my fingers and toes is a different issue... >>
>What about the insulin denaturing and becoming ineffective in the heat?  Last
>summer we had several  days over 110 and what felt like 100's in the 100's.
>My son likes to be outside even in this heat and at the least you have to get
>in and out of the car (Hard to estimate how hot the car is!).  Has anyone had
>any trouble?  How long before you realized a problem?  Any strategies?
>Mom of John, 7, from beautiful, but soon to be hot, Round Rock, TX
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