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[IP] Re: Vaccines


    Read this 'proof' very carefully.  No where did I see a direct statement
that show that the Hib Vaccine directly caused the onset of diabetes in any
patient.  The evidence that he is showing is a correlation.  I could take the
same premise, change it to 'Mother's who bleached their hair during pregnancy'
and draw similar conclusions.
    Furthermore, the last paragraph <<"The audience was polled to see if they
agreed with Dr. Classen's conclusion.  Attendees were asked to raise their
hand if they believed that vaccines can cause chronic diseases. The vast
majority of the attendees agreed. "The poll clearly shows that our findings
and the findings of others, which indicate vaccines cause chronic disease, is
well accepted in the medical community," says Dr. Classen.">>  proves nothing.
If you do a simple search of the internet, you will see that for everyone that
blames vaccines, there is another person who defends them.
    The Hib vaccine prevents many of cases of infant meningitis and
epiglottitis.  Furthermore, if the vaccine itself were truly the case, why
isn't there better than a 17% increased risk of diabetes?  Shouldn't it be
more like 75% or better?  Also, just because Classen claims that his findings
are based upon related literature, doesn't mean a thing.  There is a ton of
literature put out by people who believe vaccines cause everything from
chronic diseases to cancer.  Yes, a review of that literature would support
    One last thing...the supposed link between the MMR vaccine and autism has
been disproved, go check the CDC website again.

    Here is link to a website for you to check out:


    Check out both sides....

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