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[IP] Pumping in Alaska--Iam moving to -40- help


Do not worry about pumping outdoors in winter.  The pump and tubing are kept
close to your body so the insulin will not freeze.  I run outdoors during
the winter (in Canada) and have never had a problem.  I wear my pump on my
belt.  The tubing is against my body all the time so the insulin doesn't
freeze.  Now, freezing of my fingers and toes is a different issue...

	-----Original Message-----
Hi, my name is Kerinne. I am insulin dependent diabetic of 17 years. 2-3
times daily, In two weeks I will start pumping. Somewhat nervous and a bit
apprehensive about it. I am 22 years old the only way I've ever known is
about to change on me and now I will be moving to Alaska. Ahhhhh! Talk about
changing my entire world!!! What concerns me is the 40 or so degree below
freezing temps that I am going to confronted with. Any help or suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at email @ redacted 
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