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[IP] Re: Vaccines causing DM

> The audience was polled to see if they agreed with Dr. Classen's conclusion.
> Attendees were asked to raise their hand if they believed that vaccines can
> cause chronic diseases. The vast majority of the attendees agreed. "The poll
> clearly shows that our findings and the findings of others, which indicate
> vaccines cause chronic disease, is well accepted in the medical community,"
> says Dr. Classen.

We all have our *theories* and mine (I think) is slightly different. I never
had a vaccine for anything - Mom didn't want me to get hurt since my bro had a
smallpox vacc. and *the needle went in crooked and he got an awful sore* was
what she said. Well, unknowingly, that sore was what small pox is all about
and it's to prevent the full-blown disease. But, at age three I got a boil on
the web of my left thumb. After that I continually had boils, carbuncles, and
sties. A carbuncle on my *hiney* (  |* ) was so severe I couldn't tolerate
blankets on me to sleep. Mom slept with me holding the blankets up and when
her hand dropped, I cried in pain. At one time I had 5 boils on one leg and
could hardly walk - I still have pock marks on them.

My stepfather had boils when I was three and I believe I got the staph
infection from him. I suffered with these boils etc. for the next EIGHT years.
NO ONE in my family has had DM and I have a 50-yr history of it so it has had
a chance to show up by now. Anyway. I was NOT taken to the doctor for ANYTHING
until I finally got so sick and had missed a lot of school. The first doctor
said I needed my tonsils out. Mom didn't want me to get hurt so we went to a
diff. dr. the next day. That one said I was just a kid complaining and nothing
was wrong. He gave me a vitamin shot which was my first one. Four days later I
went into a coma: Dx - IDDM.   (btw, the dog was taken to the vet for not
feeling well before I was ever taken to a doctor).

My *theory* is (until someone CONVINCES me I'm wrong): that long-term
infection finally wore out a major organ (pancreas) like a pebble in a brook.
My mother and father are 85 & 86 and pretty healthy. I attribute their
stamina/genes to my *good* fortune in survival and not as many complications
as I should have after a half-century and the lack of *modern* care I had for
more than 4 decades.

Who knows if a penicillin shot to rid me of the boils in the mid '40s would
have given me a life without this baggage. But then, I wouldn't have met you
guys! ;)

In case you forgot the beginning of this post - I guess we can get DM if we
DIDN'T get a vaccination too!!! YMMV (~_^)

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