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Re: [IP] RE: M.D.I. question

At 12:19 AM 05/25/2001 , you wrote:


>I think you asked this a while back but it's a good point and I often wonder
>why similar training is not offered to non-pumpers.  I agree, in part, with
>your implied statement that much of the improved control is perceived to be
>exclusively because of the pump when much of it could be attributed to
>training in proper basal insulin use, carb counting, figuring bolus rates,
>etc.  I agree that if the same time and effort went into preparing the
>patient for MDI, better results would be achieved.  However, I don't think
>the results would ever approach that of pump use.  Long-acting insulin,
>while convenient, carries a big club that is just waiting to be swung at the
>unsuspecting diabetic, often at unpredictable times.  MDI can never come
>close to a pump with properly set basal rates.  Pumping and MDI both require
>a lot of work.  The difference is that there is a positive pay back with the
>pump---you get results for your efforts.

I'm glad you were able to feel good about your pump results.  Some insulins 
can hit the system at unexpected times and the pump present a "you need to 
handle this now" situation.  Is that really much different than needing to 
take care of a BG drop? The "problem" is purely subjective and only as 
unacceptable as the person experiencing it perceives it to be......

Though they tend to be "invisible", there are those who don't "get results 
for your efforts".

>John Kinsley
>Type 1 - 1956
>MiniMed 507 - 1998

Jim S.
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