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Re: [IP] RE: M.D.I. question

Interesting question about support.

I took my first shot of saline in an oversimplified group class for
mostly elderly Type 2's. And lost 6 lb. over the first 3 days of
starvation dieting (meal plans?). And had 2 significant hypos (in the
40's).  So they reduced the oral med I was on, under the theory that it
was causing the hypos. (Fact: hypos were happening because I DID have
some good beta cell function, but you have to FEED orals!) So when I
went back to eating normally (and NOT gaining weight), BGs just climbed
and climbed. Which no one seemed to care about.  

I took my first REAL insulin shot all alone, except for the friend who
came down the mountain from Virginia City so I wouldn't really have to
be alone. It was a tiny dose -- just 5 units of NPH, but started to work

Officially, going on the pump was the result of 4 full days of
continuous oversight. Including not being allowed to go home and stay
alone in my house overnight. So I camped out on my brother. Who had to
learn how to give glucagon if necessary. And lots of monitoring and
reporting on BGs and intensive carb counting education. 

I think I got a LOT more support and continue to get a lot more support
for the pump than when I was first diagnosed. And I think that's what
has led me to the conclusion that Type 1's get FAR better care than Type
2's. So I don't argue with my doc when he puts Type 1 down on the
diagnosis sheet -- even though I'm NOT Type 1!! 

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