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[IP] Pregnasone/asthma and insulin requirements (and anything else I aught to know)

I just got back from the doctor who told me my lungs were clean (the
pnemonia was completely gone) (hurray) but that I should continue the
anti-biotic for 'safety' reasons.

He also measured my airflow which is/was horrid.  He told me I have a case
of asthma, probably brought on by the pnumonia, and gave me a shot of
pregnasone (actually two, one in each arm) and then gave me a one week
perscription for them orally.

I know that pregnasone is a steroid and makes blood sugars crazy but does
anyone have direct (first hand) experience with such??  And how long does it
take until I can breath normally??

Please write me directly as I'm trying to get some work done as I've already
missed a week of work due to the pnemonia and can't take time to read the
digests from work

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