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[IP] Merck-Medco...new policy for shipping humalog?? (maybe)

I sent in my perscription for 3 months of Humalog last week and the
Merck-Medco web site told me it was being filled.  I figured I would call
and find out how they are shipping it (did all the complaining help)

The pharmacist (Jason) first told me they are due to ship with some kind of
gel pack from June..August but since my shipment was going out today or
tommorow it wouldn't get the gel pack.  He also told me Eli Lilly ships
insulin to them without any refrige or ice packs.

Then he stopped, apologized and told me that since it was Humalog it was
being shipped from New Hampshire and would be sent overnight with a special
frozen gel pack (this is a new policy for shipping humalog).

Since I have not yet received I don't know if any of this is actually
happening but he told me to call again if the shipment doesn't come through

I'll post when I get it what I get.

who is running out of insulin and will be in serious trouble if this stuff
doesn't come through 'ok'.
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